Strapless Small Chest Non-slip Gather No steel Ring Front Buckle Underwear

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Underwear size
32 70AB
34 75AB
36 80 BC
38 85BC
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Guarantee Image

Product Imformation:

Fabric name: Non-woven fabric
Main fabric composition: Cotton
Lining composition: Polypropylene
Style: Glossy
Place of Origin: Shantou
Whether there is a steel ring: No steel ring
Design feature: Bow
Mold cup type: Thin on top and thick on bottom
Shoulder strap type: No shoulder strap
Buckle type: The last three rows of buckles
Inventory type: Whole order
Quality level: First-class
Shoulder strap material: Silk
Packing form: Gift bag

Size Information:

Size: 32/70AB through cup, 34/75AB through cup, 36/80AB through cup, 38/85AB through cup

Please make sure to use this unit to get the correct size 1cm = 0.39 inch

Under bust
(Unit: M)
Lower bust-upper bust difference (unit: CM) English code comparison
6-9 (A cup) 9-12(B cup) 12-15(C cup)
70A 70B 32
75A 75B 75C 34
80A 80B 80C 36
85A 85B 85C 38


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