Outdoor Sunscreen Reflective Rainbow Baseball

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Green purple
Mask Fuchsia
Maple Leaf Khaki
Light Board Blue
Maple Leaf Green
GIRL Green
Light Board Green
GIRL Khaki
Mask Green
Maple Leaf Blue
Mask Khaki
Mask Blue
Light Board Purple
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Product information:

Product Category: Baseball Cap
Applicable gender: female
Material: Cotton
Style: Korean
Color: GIRL Khaki, GIRL Blue, GIRL Green, Maple Leaf Khaki, Maple Leaf Blue, Maple Leaf Green, Light Board Blue, Light Board Green, Light Board Purple, Mask Khaki, Mask Blue, Mask Green, Mask Fuchsia
Size: adjustable
Function: sun protection, ventilation, sun protection, age reduction

Packing list:

Cotton Women's Baseball Cap*1

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