Bra garter 3 piece set underwear

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Style: Bra + Panties + Garter Belt
Buckle: Rear 2 rows of buckles
Steel ring: with steel ring
Thickness: ultra-thin cup
Cup type: 3/4
Shoulder strap: fixed double shoulder strap
Fabric: 90%polyamide 10%elastane
Garter size: 70 with S, 75 with M, 80 with L, 85 with L
Colour: Black

Underwear: 70 with S, 75 with M, 80 with L, 85 with XL

This is an ultra-thin sponge-free style with steel undercarriage

This lace is super beautiful, retro and elegant, very textured

The 3/4 cup design makes it easier to wear, and is not so picky about the chest shape, it can generally wear a beautiful effect

The breast cup wraps the chest well, slightly closes the chest, the chest shape is natural, yet full

Ultra-thin style, with a soft lining inside, double-row buckles, more comfortable and elegant

Exquisite shoulder strap design, the upper body is very temperament oh

You can usually wear clothes with a large neckline or a skirt with a collar and sloping shoulders.

The shoulder strap is particularly sexy, highlighting the caution

Bra + briefs + garter

classic black

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