One Of The Best Hotels In The Entire World Is In Ohio And You’ll Never Forget Your Stay

Dec 02, 22
One Of The Best Hotels In The Entire World Is In Ohio And You’ll Never Forget Your Stay

Located deep in the heartland of central Ohio, Landoll’s Mohican Castle is a place of unprecedented and unexpected luxury. As its name suggests, this one-of-a-kind castle hotel in Ohio was designed to emulate the beauty of European castles by local entrepreneur Jim Landoll. It opened to the public in 2002 and features myriad pointed towers and spires, as well as lush foliage and greenery that’s downright enchanting. Throughout the property, you’ll find more than a dozen stunning suites and rooms from which to choose, each more fantastic than the next. You definitely won’t be expecting to find Landoll’s Mohican Castle in the middle of Ohio, but you’ll be most definitely glad you did.
Admit it: you've dreamed of spending the night in a castle. Who hasn't?! In Ohio, Landoll's Mohican Castle is our state's very own castle hotel, and believe us when we say it's one of the best places you'll ever stay.
Everything -- everything -- about Landoll's Mohican Castle is fit for a king or queen, and you'll feel like real-life royalty as you traipse up the cobblestone steps to check in.
You'll have your choice of accommodations -- Castle Suites, Highland’s House, Stable Suites, and Cabins -- each and every one of which is truly fit for a king.
Luxurious soaking tubs, working fireplaces, and high-end furniture and linens make each well-appointed room feel like the height of decadence!
Speaking of heights, many of the rooms at this castle open out to private balconies, a feature sure to make you feel as though you're in a real-life fairy tale!
This fairy tale fantasy is a through-line at Landoll's Mohican Castle, which sits on some of the most lush and verdant land in Central Ohio. The castle gardens are connected with sinuous, stone-laid footpaths, for a wholly enchanting experience in nature.
After exploring the grounds, break for a meal at The Copper Mug, the impossibly charming restaurant at Landoll's Mohican Castle.
Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily, The Copper Mug has something for everyone. Steaks, seafood, burgers, appetizers, libations and desserts... you'll dine like royalty at this cozy castle restaurant!
Landoll's Mohican Castle is a place of pure fantasy; a fairy tale come to life; a royal experience you can only have here in Ohio.

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