Kimora Blac Calls Out Gays Who Praise Bad Bunny but Not Femme Men

Feb 12, 22
Kimora Blac Calls Out Gays Who Praise Bad Bunny but Not Femme Men

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Kimora Blac is calling out hypocrisy in the gay community after an image of Bad Bunny went viral.

The “Dakiti” rapper has been receiving accolades after posing in a recent ad campaign wearing heels and a dress. Going for a feminine look isn’t new for Bad Bunny, who has also spoken previously about pushing boundaries and exploring the concept of gender through fashion.

Like with other men who have publicly worn traditionally feminine looks for magazine covers or awards shows, the LGBTQ+ community showed up to support Bad Bunny breaking the binary and doing what he wants.

But, according to Blac, a drag queen who identifies as gay and whose real name is Von Nguyen, that support reveals a frustrating double standard among gay men.

“A lot of you guys are full of toxic masculinity—alot of you guys literally degrade feminine men and when a male celebrity put on heels, you guys all the sudden ‘live’ for it,” she wrote. “You know how hard it is for us feminine men to feel like we are even wanted in our own community?”



She expressed a hope that gay men would bring the energy they have for these celebs to their interactions with queer men that present more feminine, noting a bias against them particularly when it comes to dating.

“This isn’t to call anyone out but this just shows on how much work our community needs in supporting each other and not judging each other,” Blac continued. “Our community is full of toxic masculine men that have to prove how masculine they are.

“You guys need to open up your eyes and stop judging and criticizing people or degrading people in our community because they are trying to be them and finding out who they are to the perfect extent.”

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